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Round 10 Reviews | We discuss the new head contact protocol unleashed on Magic Round

May 18, 2021

Well, well, well - Round 10 of the 2021 season is in the books đź“•

Was it a good round of footy? No.

Was it a good advertisement for rugby league to the world, let alone for a second Brisbane team? Also no.

But is there plenty to discuss? Is there ever!

In this episode, we spend 30 minutes giving our take on the 14+ sin bins and send offs during Magic Round. The NRL has shown they were more than serious about protecting the players and cracking down on offenders to the contrary - but is this the right move? Does it stand to hurt the game more than help it?

Listen in to find out, while we also break down each of the 8 games across the 3 days of footy. There were some shit hot performances, with plenty of straight up shit ones to match.

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